About Us


Pan United is a youth music program dedicated to providing inner-city youth the opportunity to pursue music studies that they otherwise would not be able to attain.  With the strong cultural component of the steel drum instrument, we provide a unique mix of formal music training with cultural education.

Pan United was formed in 2001 by then 14 year old Charleston Sarjeant.  The band quickly made an impact on Boston’s Caribbean Carnival winning 2nd place in the annual steel band competition (at the “J’Ouvert” parade) with only 10 days of rehearsal under the leadership of a teenager.  In 2002, the group refined itself as a youth program and began reaching out to various community organizations as well as the City of Boston to work with youth and \ or provide entertainment and showcase our young musicians.  Throughout the decade, the group formed partnerships with the Mayor’s Office, Spontaneous Celebrations, Iere Steel (New Hampshire), Restaurante Cesaria’s (who provided the group rehearsal space for it’s summer program), Mildred Avenue Community Center, Charlestown Community Center and many more.  Pan United performed at Symphony Hall, the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH, the Massachusetts State House and civic events such as the Boston Public Health Commission’s “NeighborWalks” event, the Boston 375th Birthday Parade and the Wake Up The Earth Festival.




Boston J’Ouvert Steel Band “Bomb” Competition – 2nd place – 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 and 4th place, 2004 (no competition was held in 2003).

Pan United’s Founder Charleston Sarjeant was awarded a Citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives for Pan United’s work  “promoting steel pan and music studies in the community”.



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